“I think the Connecticut Bombers organization as a whole does a great job of preparing a player for baseball at the next level. I'm very grateful for the way Bob Turcio and the Bombers transitioned me from a high school kid into a collegiate athlete. I give a lot of credit to Bob Turcio and being a member of the Connecticut Bombers for my understanding of hard work, teamwork, and personal accountability.”

— A.J. Pollock, Arizona Diamondbacks

 "Playing with the Bombers from ages 12-18, I not only mastered the fundamentals and skills of the game, but I also walked away with a work ethic that has stuck with me throughout my life. I was never the fastest, tallest, or strongest player on any team I played on. Knowing this, Bob and the rest of the coaching staff at the Batter’s Box challenged me every day to be the hardest working player on and off the field. The coaches taught me how to deal with failure and how to hold myself accountable.


 There were long practices in the hot sun, sprints that never seemed to end, and endless hours of extra ground balls and hitting lessons that left my hands filled with blisters. Some days it seemed excessive. However, on the day that I signed a National Letter of Intent and accepted a scholarship to the University of Connecticut, it all made perfect sense to me." 

— Pierre LePage, Chicago Cubs

“Playing for the Connecticut Bombers has offered me so many great experiences both on and off the baseball field.  As far as player development, I owe most of my success to coach Bob Turcio and his staff.  They teach proper technique and instill the work ethic necessary to succeed in their players at a young age.  As they continue to grow with these tools, they are often ahead of their competition come time for high school and collegiate baseball.  Off the field the Connecticut Bombers has connected me with teammates that have become life-long friends.  Many other AAU programs are solely about showcasing their players; however playing for the Connecticut Bombers taught us what it meant to be a team.  This does not mean we did not showcase our talents because we were constantly seen by top colleges and universities, and more than half of our team would later be on a division one roster….Due to the teaching and exposure to collegiate coaches, the Connecticut Bombers program has gotten me to where I am today.  It has also connected me with the people I now call my best friends.  I don’t know of an AAU program in the country that does both of those as successfully as the Bombers.”

—  Eric Yavarone, UConn Huskies

"Over the past 11 years, the Connecticut Bombers Baseball Program has played a vital role in my development as a player. The combination of discipline, skill development, work ethic, and fundamental baseball knowledge, which I acquired during my years as a Bomber, both prepared me for and helped me achieve my goal of playing college and professional baseball. In my opinion, the Bombers program is second to none for player development both on and off the field."

—  Matt Grosso, University of Notre Dame


Brian Monack- Quinnipiac University
Joe Griglun-Western New England University
Jeff Vigurs -Bryant College Chicago Cubs
Steve Bloomberg -Davidson College
Colin Porter- Clark
Sean Haviland -Harvard University Oakland Athletics
Kyle Degennaro -Philadelphia University
Mike Heins -Bryant College
Mike Diaz -Connecticut State University Houston Astros
Mike Olt -University of Connecticut Chicago Cubs
Scott Barnes -St. Johns University Cleveland Indians
Ethan Silverstein- Brown University 2003
Tim Binkoski -University Philadelphia Phillies 2003
Rad Welch-Barry University 2004
Rick Hudson-University of Tampa 2004
Jeff Bradanini -Sacred Heart University 2004
Brian Irving-Yale University San Francisco Giants 2004
Chris Newell -Western New England University 2005
Josh Zeid -Vanderbuilt University Houston Astros 2005
Andy Mayer- Quinnipiac University 2005
Karl Derbacher -Southern Connecticut State University 2005
Jared Golino- Albertus Magnus College 2006
Matt Grosso- University of Notre Dame 2006
Will Musson -Eastern Connecticut State University 2006
Donny White-Central Connecticut State University 2006
Casey Frawley -Stetson University Cleveland Indians 2006
J.J. Salta -Bentley University 2006
Joe Griglun -Western New England 2006
A.J. Pollock- University of Notre Dame Arizona Diamondbacks 2006
Eric Smith -University of Rhode Island Arizona Diamondbacks 2006
Brian Jones -High Point University 2006
Ron Bathrick- Assumption College 2006
Matt Hancock -East Carolina University 2007
Dan Hyatt- M.I.T. 2007
Greg Doonan- University of Maine 2007
Max Catapano- University of Connecticut Independent 2007
Craig Wocl -Kenyon College 2007
David Giglio- University of Scranton 2007
Max Russell- Florida Southern College Los Angeles Angels 2007
Jeff Piscitelli -St. Peters College 2007
Pierre LePage -University of Connecticut Chicago Cubs 2007
Mike Bartlett- Quinnipiac University 2007
Dan Paolini -Siena Seattle Mariners 2008
Chris Migani- Quinnipiac University 2008
Taylor Lasko -Boston College 2008
Steve Maier- Williams College 2008
Pat Fortunato- University of Rhode Island 2008
John Sulzicki- University of Connecticut 2008
Tyler Mizenko -Winthrop University San Francisco Giants 2008
Brian Kownacki -Fordham University 2008
Michael Guarnieri -Anna Maria College 2009
John Hermanson- Sacred Heart University 2009
Oliver Van Zant -Bowdoin College Independent 2009
Greg Nappo -Uconn Miami Marlins 2009
Peter Baranski -University of Connecticut Avery Point 2010
Joe Ciancola- University of Rhode Island 2010
Tim Bickford- Bridgeport University 2010
Chris Schierholtz- Franklin Pierce 2010
Lou Iannotti -Sienna College Independent 2011
Vin Guglietti -Quinnipiac University Independent 2011
Vin Texeira -Manhattan College 2011
Connor David- University of Connecticut Independent 2011
Eric Yavarone- University of Connecticut 2011
Austin French -Brown University Los Angeles Dodgers   2012
Brian Casseli- University of New Haven 2012
Erin Moskal- University of Rochester 2012
Oliver Powers- Radford University 2012
Joe Roberti- University of Hartford 2012
P.J. Higgins -Old Dominion University Chicago Cubs 2012
Joseph Burns- St. John's University 2012

Connor Miniter- Dean College 2012
Andrew Zambelli -Gettysburg College 2012
Chris Cimmino -Merrimack College 2013
Sam Nepiarsky -University of Connecticut 2013
Zack Brown -Wheaton College 2013
Justin Ashworth- Bentley College 2013
Mike Acampora -Washington College 2013
Brian Rhone- Newbury College 2013
Matt Oestricher- Quinnipiac University 2013
Griffin Garabedian -University of Connecticut 2013
Greg Zullo -Stonehill College 2013
Larry Hill -University of Rhode Island 2014
Will Rhone- Lesley University   2014
Brandon Grover- Bentley College 2015
Wright Lindgren- Washington University St Louis 2015
Tom Carravetta- Avery Point 2015
Luke D'Ostilio- Washington College 2015
Jon Signore- Fairfield University 2015
Paul Wetmore -Western New England 2015
Tyler Mulberry -Colby College 2015
Nick Roberti -Washington College 2015
Antonio Dimaggio- Pace University 2015
Tre Jackson- LIU 2015
Jake Stevens -Boston College  New York Yankees 2015
Dylan Reynolds- Fairfield University 2016
Josh Rakowsky Brandeis 2016
Matt Chamberlain  University of New Haven 2016
Tim Doty  Nichols College 2016
Jon Signore  Fairfield University 2016
Zac Ardito  University of Hartford 2016
JR Lopez  Union 2016
Giovanni  Torres Bates College 2016

Tyler Pyne, St. Anslem College 2017

Mike Caruso, Fairfield University 2017

Chris Bell, Newbury College 2017

John Thrasher, University of Hartford 2017